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Student works

During their studies at La Poudrière, students and trainees make a number of films including a one-minute piece made on a given subject in the first year and the main project of a graduation film in the second year, as well as one or more commissioned works: films for children (les Espoirs de l'Animation with the TV channel Canal J), trailers or collective films.

Haruna Kishi

M'as-tu-vu ?
by Haruna Kishi - year : 2009 - genre : films d'une minute
TECHNIQUE : animation 2D
DUREE : 1 mn 23

A portée de main
by Haruna Kishi - year : 2010 - genre : films de fin d'études
Un homme sans histoire, passionné par son travail, passe une porte…
TECHNIQUE : techniques mixtes
DUREE : 3mn27

Un anniversaire de vampire
by Haruna Kishi - year : 2010 - genre : canal J
TECHNIQUE : dessin animé
DUREE : 1mn12


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